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Hempact Orrganic Clothes is a Portuguese clothing brand with both male and female wear. With an intimate connection with nature, we focus on providing our customers with great quality and comfort in clothing while enhancing the concepts of sustainability and conscientious consuming through the use of 100% organic materials and fabrics like Hemp, Organic Cotton, PET and Corozo.

Created by 3 young Portuguese partners, Diana Melo, Miguel Calisto and Nuno Calisto, Hempact stands by a ''Slow Fashion'' philosophy and brings high quality and durability to clothing wear that is free of modern fashion's seasonality. We are inspired in an organic style that can fit any occasion, trend or need, aligned with an ecological way of thinking. 

All our items are made in Portugal and our first collection was launched 3 months ago. You can find us in several stores throughout Portugal: Porto, Lisbon, Braga, Viseu and Azores Islands.

Hempact Organic Clothes favours the use of organic fibers by choosing fabrics and materials like Hemp and Pet that are GOTS certified, due to its strength and durability, as well as OEKO TEX certified Organic Cotton due to its organic look, comfort and fresh feeling, providing all our products with great quality and durability.

Hemp is a natural fiber of plant origin that can be used for almost any end, but there is an emphasys on the textile industry since it is 5 times stronger than regular cotton. The Hemp fiber is extracted from the stem of the plant and gives great tenacity to any product made from it.

Hemp is a plant that grows almost anywhere and doesn't require any special care or fertilizers, making it a fiber with true ecological potential. Hemp's main advantages are:

  • Resistance and Durability;

  • Softer with each wash;

  • Protection against UV radiation;

  • Great insulating properties;

  • Thermodynamics (cool in the summer and warm in the winter);

  • Easily blended with other fabrics;

  • Anti-allergic.

Cotton is considered organic when it is grown without any genetic alterations to the plant and without the use of any fertilizers, pesticides or chemicals that may be harmful for the environment. Organic Cotton's greatest advantage lies in the impact it has in the environment. Some advantages of using Organic Cotton are:

  • Growing Organic Cotton could reduce the worldwide use of pesticides by 25%;

  • Softer touch;

  • Anti-allergic;

  • Provides greater comfort;

  • Provides greater durability and resistance;

  • Bio-degradable.

PET fabric is a fiber made from recycled plastics. The international market of PET is in great expansion. Some of the advantages of using PET fabric are:

  • Reduces the use of oil;

  • Reduces the production of new plastic products;

  • Greater durability and quality in clothing wear;

Hempact Organic Clothes favours the use of organic fibers, so we chose Corozo to make our ecological buttons.

Corozo buttons are 100% organicand is made from the lump of the fruit with the same name and its consistency is similar to that of a hard resin. Also known as ''organic ivory'', Corozo is made up of tightly rolled organic fibers, giving it great resistance and durability. Other advantages of Corozo are: 

  • High quality material;

  • Environmentally friendly.